Chicago Natyogosthi, Chicago presents “Ekti Abastob Galpo” on Saturday, June 24 at Towsley Auditorium, Ann Arbor. See schedule here.


Bimal Mukherjee’s comical yet satirical play “Ekti Abastob Golpo” engages the audience from its start till the last action before curtains are drawn. The play progresses at a very fast pace, with the background theme being capital punishment. As serious and deriding the underlying theme may be, the flow of actions is immensely witty and humorous. That constant contrast between superficial, comical reality and subterranean, grave tension is what makes the drama so riveting. The play hinges upon the capital punishment meted out to a murder convict named K Mondal. All other characters revolve around him, and their charade of actions starkly manifests the ego and fallibility of humans in different positions of power (or lack of it). The drama is further enhanced by a unique rendering of a “play within a play”, where a related yet different story is interspersed within the original play design. And finally, the climactic ending leaves audiences touched and dumbfounded by the “real truth“.

Cast (in order of appearance):
  • Narrator/Kesto: Deep Bandyopadhyay
  • Doctor: Souvik Dutta
  • Jailor: Dev Hazra
  • Ram Singh: Biswajit Mukherjee
  • Komondal: Pradeepta Bhattacharya
  • Priest: Pratik Chakraborty
  • Shankar: Amartya Roy Chowdhury
Director: Dev Hazra
Assistant Director: Pratik Chakraborty
  • Backstage, sound and lights: Reshmi Roy Chowdhury and Subham Sanyal
  • Background score: Satya Ghoshal